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Baby Head Protector Pillow

Baby Head Protector Pillow

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Don't Worry, Our Protective Backpack Cushion Will Protect Your Little One! 

The RetroGoods Baby Protection Pillow is a SUPER CUTE pillow, a toy, a safety cushion, and fashion accessory all in one!

Experience supreme comfort, safety, cuteness, and fashion with our specialty safety pillows with 100% Shock absorption and peace of mind.

Backpack Baby Head Protection Cushion for Baby Safety – TheToddly


We offer 15-DAY 100% satisfaction GUARANTEE on ALL of our products because we have reviewed their durability and quality and are confident that you will adore what you ordered.

Don't like what you ordered? Just tell us and we will fully refund your order or send a free replacement.

Ultimate Baby Protection Pillow by VerySafeBaby. Head Protector Fall Cushion Backpack for Babies and Toddlers. (1st Generation Animal Designs) () - Very Safe Baby

Our head protector pillow will keep your baby safe from dangerous backward falls and accidents while they walking. Babies tend to fall more backward than forwards.

Your little one will quickly get used to this cute and adorable bee or ladybug fall protection pillow. It is made of soft hair velvet material, so it is very comfortable for your baby to carry it on the back.

Babies easily fall down and hurt their heads and shoulder when learning to walk, run and crawl, this red angel wings protector will help you protect your kids.

This Head Protection Pillow is made of great cotton, baby skin-close fabrics, soft and breathable. Babies easily fall down and hurt their heads and shoulder when learning to walk and run. 

The Head Protection Pillow is made from a skin-friendly hair velvet that does not chafe. This makes it exceptionally soft and comfortable while running.


Babies falling backwards and hitting their heads on hard surfaces can cause serious injury. RetroGoods Protection Pillows soften the impact, helping your baby avoid the serious boo boos.


The hole in the center of the head pillow/cushion helps prevent Flat Head Syndrome, giving room for our baby skulls to keep its proper shape when lying down for extended durations.

The backpack's length also protects baby necks and upper backs during a fall, unlike most baby cushions and helmets. If you’re looking for a product line with all-around head and upper back coverage, this is a perfect choice.


All of our VerySafeBaby Protection Pillows are filled with soft luxury PP Cotton. It is thick and super light and soft so your baby will feel like they're sleeping a comfortable, heavenly cloud.


Best suitable for babies between 4-36 months, the Fall Protection Pillow/Cushion is meant to be used, long-term as the fit can be adjusted to expand as your baby develops. And the best part? After we outgrow the toddler years, the cushion doubles as a children's toy! They'll probably stick with it until 6+ years old.


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